What’s up Titans nation and fans of the Titans Tok podcast –


Wanted to pump out a quick blog on this lazy Wednesday afternoon to whet the insatiable appetite of all you Titaniacs.


I want to start with a little background. I have been a fan of the Titans since November 5, 2017. That was the day my buddy Kevin (co-host of Titans Tok) asked me if I wanted to become a Titans fan for the rest of the season since our hometown team, the Denver Broncos, appear to have given up on their season. We’re still Broncos fans, we just wanted to have a rooting interest in games that matter for the rest of the season. Kevin even went so far as to identify a local bar that claimed to be a Titans bar, although when we arrived there on Sunday it became immediately clear that it was a Vikings bar. Undeterred, we remained at the bar for the whole game, watching it on a TV with no sound in the corner by ourselves.


We also recorded the first podcast Saturday night. I had been moving into our podcast studio/Kevin’s girlfriend’s basement all day on Saturday and I have to admit I was not prepared. Thankfully Kevin had been following the team for 6 days at that point and was able to shoulder the load through the majority of the inaugural show. Now that I am all settled in, I plan on doing my homework each week and bringing more to the table.


Lastly, I want to say that we’re hoping this podcast can reflect the circumstances around which it was created. We think two guys who became Titans fans for the second half of the 2017 season is a funny idea, and we want the podcast/blogs to illustrate that idea.


This will not be a venture that necessarily delves into the x’s and o’s of the game of the football. The only x’s and o’s I’m concerned about are the ones at the bottom of the love letters sent to me from the mothers of Jacksonville Jaguars fans.


-Nick (member of Titans family since 11/17)

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