Special Guest NFL Insider Gilbet – Playoff Scenarios (11-18-2017)

We have our pal Gilbet, leader of Secret Rockies Family and high ranking member of Denver Broncos family and overall sports guru on to chat about the current state of the NFL Playoffs, how the playoff scenarios break down, and why it’s not so surprising the Titans got a female kicker although he wisely advises teams to get female kickers earlier in the season when the temps are higher and thus the nips are softer.

Enjoy the listen. We’re working on getting these set up on regular podcast listening platforms so hopefully they’re on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, etc soon.

We’ll also try and make the website less of a mess so it’s easy to see our blog posts, regular Titans Tok Podcasts and special episodes with guests like these. We appreciate the support of our friends who are reading and listening so as long as some people think it’s funny or interesting we’ll keep ’em coming for a while.

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