Why doesn’t Taylor Lewan have a rockin’ pony tail?

The Titans Offensive Line (the football kind of offensive line not Jerry Richardon’s now infamous offensive lines harassing women or the Dolphins coach blow lines that offended some people) was one of the best in the league last year. Maybe the Cowboys O-line was better and that’s about it.

What happened this year? The offensive struggles have been well chronicled, and Mariotta and the receiving corps have pretty much stunk. The o-line has been solid, but if they’ve taken a step it has been backwards not forwards.

It’s not too late to turn things around this season and make a Super Bowl run. Next year will look a lot better, but his hair is long enough to do it this year. Taylor Lewan needs to pon’ it up.

Taylor Lewan has the look of a guy who should have a pony tail while he kicks the shit out of NFL defensive ends and Ohio State fans at the bar. The only thing that’s missing is the pony tail. Nothing is more intimidating than an all beef bad boy with a rockin’ pony tail, and Lewan is basically that except the pony is missing.

Let’s ride this pony to the Supes, you guys.

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