In honor of Broncos signing Case Keenum: The Biggest Free Agent QB Flops

The Denver Broncos, the official NFL team of Titans Tok, signed Case Keenum to presumably be their starting quarterback for the 2018 season. There is chatter going around about him being a big free agent QB flop (which is debatable since he is only 6’1″ and 210 pounds, a small to mid-sized flop by NFL QB standards) and we’re here to show that there are way bigger QB flops out there so fans of the Broncos need not worry about having the biggest free agent QB flop.

JaMarcus Russell:


Officially listed at 6’6″ and 260 pounds, JaMarcus Russell is the consensus biggest flop ever to be taken first overall in the NFL draft. I think his weight is at least 100 pounds higher than listed, and you can see in the photo he needs multiple boxes of pizza to stack on and he never was able to shed his body fat.

You may be saying, “He’s a huge flop, but only a draft flop as he was never signed once he was released by the Raiders”. That is true, but since he has been a free agent for 7 years that is much more impressive than Case Keenum who was only a free agent for a couple hours.

Big Ben Roethlisberger: Let’s break down the label piece by piece.

“Big” – Big Ben Roethlisberger is a no brainer for this list. If the best word to describe you is “Big” and that turns into your nickname, that means you are big. Officially listed at 6’5″ 241 pounds, he has 4+ inches and 30+ pounds on Case Keenum. Once again, I think he’s actually twice the size of Keenum so I’m not sure how they figure out the weight of fat QBs.

“Free” Agent – Most people who are accused of sexual crimes end up behind bars. Big Ben has been accused of doing illegal sexual activities in a casino and in the bathroom of a dive bar, but charges were not filed in either case. Until he ends up behind bars we must legally assume his innocence and call him a free agent man.

“Flop” – Watch the diva Big Ben barely get touched here and somehow wind up on the ground pretending to be hurt. It’s pathetic. Americans make fun of soccer players for flopping all the time but turn a blind eye to when stars of their favorite sport try to win an Emmy award for best actor.


Needless to say, at worst Case Keenum will be a mid-sized flop as a free agent quarterback. It could be cool to draft Baker Mayfield so the Broncos have one of each of a small (Mayfield), Medium (Keenum) and Large (Paxton Lynch) QB flop on their roster at the same time like one of those eggs.



Jared Lorenzen:

Lorenzen is known for having an accurate arm, the ability to move up in the pocket and a great feel for reading defenses. The main knock against Lorenzen is the inability to throw deep outs without the ball sailing.

Not really, he is just known for being really fat. Pretty good for how fat he is (6’4″ and 315 pounds, 105 more than Case Keenum for those counting at home who can’t do basic math). It’s crazy he made the NFL, even though it was just bouncing around a bit as a backup. Here are some pictures of the biggest QB flop in NFL free agency this year.

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